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Why NY

As I said in my first post (and as you could probably guess from the name of the blog), I haven't been in New York for very long so I thought I'd talk a little about what brought me here and why I decided to stay.

I moved to NYC for my job (I'm launching my own lingerie company) because the truth is doing that in Chicago was impossible. I spend a year trying to deny that reality but sadly, at this point, its true. There simply aren't enough factories (ie any) that have the capability to work with stretch fabrics and underwear that can't be pulled over your hips is a very limiting product to say the least. Getting fabric and materials means going through three people instead of being able to order it directly and some things, such as bra clasps, I was unable to find in bulk anywhere.

And although I actually think Chicago is a very stylish city there also just isn't the same prevalence of a fashion industry and there isn't the same fashion culture anywhere I've been as there is in New York.

In New York, fashion is seen as both a creative pursuit and a serious industry. And that's exactly what it is.

Being in a place where you have the support you need for your business (both in terms of resources and in terms of emotional support from people who have been there and "get it") makes an incredible difference.

Sure, I still have frustrating days but here I feel like if I work hard enough, there's a way to accomplish what I need to do and the support of who can help me do it.

So while the physical resources are what brought me here, its the emotional resources that make me stay.