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On Pride

Since I first came to New York in July and I only planned on being here for three months I didn't really pack any winter clothes. My parents came to visit in September so I had them bring a few sweaters but this still wasn't a "permanent" move.

So this sets the stage for what has become a stupid point of pride.

I decided that it would be silly for my parents to mail me a winter coat where there were only two months of potentially cold weather before I was coming home for Thanksgiving. So every day has become a game of looking at the weather and strategizing how to layer the few warmish things I have together into an outfit that will keep me from freezing while still allowing me to look somewhat socially acceptable (and I've really been pushing the boundry of that second part).

What's even stupider-I probably need a new nice winter coat because I donated one at the end of last year which means I have a giant puffy coat and a pea coat from high school (which I graduated from over a decade ago) neither of which are exactly a professional look for someone who works in the fashion industry.

But now with less than two weeks to go I will not back down. And if someone finds my frozen body next to the UES J.Crew, you now know why.