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Six Things

In light of the facebook lists that have been going going around, I thought I'd share mine on the blog. So, here are 6 facts of varying importance about me.

1. I have rescued and nursed back to health multiple bunnies multiple times. I am basically the bunny whisperer. 2. Aside from changing the polish, my toenails have been continuously painted since 1994. My fingernails aren't far behind. 3. I spent 8 weeks one summer backpacking all over the west and north west. 4. Since I split my college career between between two colleges, I studied abroad when I was 26. I probably appreciated it more than I would have at 19. 5. I once had to go to the emergency room for an iguana bite. 6. When I was in 6th grade my mom, my dog, and I had matching ski jackets. We were a painfully cool trio. (And yes, shockingly, I did have friends in junior high)


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