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I'm the worst

So winter has finally turned to spring in NYC and I see that I've only posted twice this year.

Keeping this blog current was one of my New Years Resolutions (and probably a more realistic resolution than say, doing yoga every day (or anything workout related, sigh)). So here I am, attempting to be a better blogger.

I think a big thing that would probably help me blog more would be having a bit more of a schedule/things that I post on a consistent basis so I get a bit more in the habit of blogging. I also think I may just put a little post it note on the corner of my computer with the word "blog" on it because although work has been a bit hectic lately, honestly most of the reason I haven't kept up is I just don't think of it as something to do when I'm bored (which living alone with no TV happens though Netflix and I are becoming intimately acquainted).

In order to help with this I'm going to schedule in two weekly posts to start and close out the week. Hopefully those will get me in the habit of posting more but even twice a week would be a vast improvement over what I'm doing.

Those two posts are "Motivational Monday" and "Friday Finds." Both are pretty much what they sound like-MM cheesy as it sounds, will be something motivational to set the tone for the week. This is really something I'll be doing for myself since I've been feeling like I need a bit more motivation these days. FF will just be anything fun I find that week. It might be something I bought or want to buy, a new place I went, or just something cool I saw and thought was worth sharing. Whatever strikes my fancy.

Oh, and I'm also going to look into how to enable comments so that if, hopefully, someone is actually reading this we can start a conversation.

OK I think that's enough goals for one day!