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Motivational Monday-Too late?

I actually had a different image I was going to post but I saw this this morning on Facebook and I thought it was worth sharing.

When we're in our 20's people tell us that we have all the time in the world to figure out what we're going to do with our lives. The we hit 30 and they expect us to have it all figured out. Well, when I was 31 I asically ended up trading in my entire life in Chicago to move to New York. One of my biggest thoughts/fears was "am I starting this too late?"

In some ways yes, it would be much more ideal for me to have started a business earlier. I wouldn't worry that I'm in my 30's and trying to balance starting a new business with relationships and friends who are increasingly getting married and having children. I wouldn't have to worry if things don't work out that I could be pusing middle age (what!?!) and looking at uprooting my life and starting over again, only older. I wouldn't have to worry about being generally "behind."

But then, of course, I think about the alternative. Being safe in a profession that no longer suited me. Staying in relationships or cities "just because" or because the idea of change is too scary? No thanks. I'm going to get older anyway, might as well live it up!


PS-Pretty pleased that I managed to add a comment section, feel free to reach out and say hi!